For medical professionals

Duodecim’s aim is to develop the professional skills of doctors and to support their clinical practise. There is a wide range of products and services published in the Finnish language.

Duodecim medical journal

The Duodecim medical Journal, which is published in Finnish (under the name Lääketieteellinen aikakauskirja Duodecim), is a general medical journal and was first published in 1885. The journal is published 24 times a year and is supplied to members of The Finnish Medical Society Duodecim. The main purpose of the Duodecim medical journal is to provide continuing scientific and professional education for doctors and medical students.

The journal’s medical content is the responsibility of the editor-in-chief, sub-editor and ten leading experts representing different specialist fields in medicine. All articles for the Duodecim medical journal are subjected to scientific peer review and language revision before publication. Ever since its founding, the journal has sought to promote and develop Finnish language usage in the medical field.

Terveysportti health portal

The Terveysportti health portal brings together essential information for the everyday work of healthcare professionals. It includes up-to-date care and treatment recommendations, pharmaceutical information and numerous applications designed to help in everyday activities. The service is available throughout Finland’s healthcare system, and each year about 50 million searches are made in the portal.

At the core of the Terveysportti health portal is the Lääkärin tietokanta doctor’s database. Its concise and practical articles are aimed especially at doctors serving in outpatient treatment and hospital outpatient clinics. Details of the research data on which the guidance is based are presented in conjunction with the articles.

Professional literature

Duodecim Medical Publications Ltd publishes medical textbooks, guides and handbooks as print publications and also in electronic form. The textbooks provide basic information about specialised fields of medicine and are designed for a wide readership, from students to consultants. The guides and handbooks are published as an aid to clinical practice and are intended to serve doctors and other healthcare professionals.

Oppiportti learning portal and training events

The provision of continuing education designed to maintain professional knowledge and skills is also one of Duodecim’s key functions.s. The diverse training events arranged by Duodecim and the online Oppiportti learning portal published by Duodecim Medical Publications together provide opportunities for maintaining and developing the skills needed in the workplace.