For the general public

Duodecim also seeks to ensure that the general public has access to a wide range of reliable medical information. The channels it uses for this include books, freely accessible online material, services integrated into healthcare systems, and even study materials for schools.

Terveyskirjasto health library


The service has a very extensive range of content. It can assist members of the public wishing to find out more about caring for their own health and it provides basic information on medical conditions and diseases and how to get treatment and care.

The Terveyskirjasto articles and guidance are compiled by experts and are based on national Current Care Guidelines and on handbooks and textbooks for doctors published by Duodecim Publishing Company Ltd. The contents of the Terveyskirjasto health library are constantly being added to and improved as new updates are made. The articles are accessed more than 50 million times a year.

Patient versions of the Current Care Guidelines are also published in the Terveyskirjasto health library.

Reference books


The range of works published by Duodecim Publishing Company Ltd includes general reference books that offer reliable scientific information on health and on medical conditions and diseases.

Content integrated into healthcare systems and business services


Duodecim Publishing Company Ltd has developed a range of online applications and services for promoting people’s health and for self-care of illnesses. Local authorities, businesses and other entities may obtain user authorisation for these services and then make them available via their own websites.

Duodecim’s health check and coaching / Duodecim STAR  provides a comprehensive assessment of well-being and tools for making changes.

A health check report based on about forty questions provides an estimate of life expectancy and most likely risks of illness as well as a summary on lifestyle choices that impact health and of ways to impact them. Weekly messages of health coaching encourage and guide the user via e-mail in improving their life. There is coaching available for all important parts of life: weight management, exercise, nutrition, sleep, skills of a happy life, relationship improvement, moderate use of alcohol and smoking cessation.

Duodecim’s health check and coaching are an efficient part of municipalities’ health services and they are already used by two million Finns.

Please send your inquiries to star(at)

The program is provided by Duodecim Publishing Company Ltd.

The Duodecim Omahoito self-care service offers personal information on the implementation of the treatment and monitoring of chronic disease – also for family members and close ones.

The Omahoito self-care service is a databank compiled for patients with chronic diseases. It supports and supplements the self-care guidance provided by health care professionals in their appointments. Videos, online courses and articles contain essential information regarding the disease and especially relating to self-care, with plenty of practical advice.

The service is mainly based on Duodecim’s Terveyskirjasto health library, the Terveysportti service and Current Care databases, with special attention paid to empowering the patient. The contents are being constantly complemented and especially the production of online courses and videos is increasing.

The Omahoito self-care service is an efficient part of municipalities’ health services and they are already used by two million Finns.

Please send your inquiries to omahoito(at)

Duodecim Omahoito is published by Duodecim Publishing Company Ltd.

Duodecim symptom checkers are questionnaires meant for assessing an individual health issue or symptom. They assess the necessity and urgency of care, provide recommendations for action and automatically guide to appropriate help via regional service coordination.

Duodecim symptom checkers is utilised as a part of the Omaolo service. Omaolo is a new online service developed to support social and health care services. It allows users to assess their own need for care and service.  Duodecim has produced tools for assessing the symptoms of a disease and the care they require based on the latest research.

SoteDigi Oy is responsible for the Omaolo service. A total of 14 municipal actors and hospital districts participated in developing the service. Further information on the Omaolo service and its use: SoteDigi Oy.

Further information regarding Duodecim symptom checkers: Customer relations manager Anu Suurnäkki.

Duodecim symptom checkers is ISO 13485 certified