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The Finnish Medical Society Duodecim is Finland’s largest scientific association. It exists to develop the professional skills and clinical practice of doctors through continuing education, publications and research grants. The Society plays an active role in the development of the healthcare system by, for example, taking part in public debate on issues, preparing national Current Care Guidelines and arranging meetings of different kinds.

Duodecim Publishing Company Ltd publishes information content for medical and healthcare professionals in the form of traditional printed products, electronic databases, solutions integrated into healthcare systems and an online learning environment that supports the maintenance of professional skills and further training. We also produce researched information on health and illnesses aimed at the general public, in the form of reference books, Terveyskirjasto.fi service and applications developed to support self-care.

For more information, please contact our Communications Manager Outi Romero, The Finnish Medical Society Duodecim.

Outi Romero

Communications Manager

+358 9 6188 5218

The Finnish Medical Society Duodecim