The Evidence-Based Medicine Electronic Decision Support (EBMEDS)

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Duodecim Clinical Decision Support EBMEDS combines electronic patient record data, describing the patient’s state, with medical information and provides its user instructions tailored for each patient. The name EBMEDS is short for Evidence-Based Medicine Electronic Decision Support.

The EMBEDS service receives information describing the patient from their patient record and produces warnings and reminders as well as proposes treatments and provides links to treatment recommendations. Reminders are also generated automatically based on the interaction, antibody and indication databases included in the Clinical Decision Support. Clinical Decision Support also speeds up filling in electronic forms and using other programs as the required information can be automatically extracted from the patient record.

In addition to real-time clinical decision support, EBMEDS can also be utilised for solving treatment problems related to groups of patients.

The EBMEDS service can be connected to all electronic patient record systems that store structured patient data. EBMEDS uses simple but efficient technology. It is easy to install and update.

Duodecim cooperates closely with the Cochrane community, the research community GRADE, the Guidelines International Network (G-I-N) and the publishing house Ebsco Health.