For Duodecim members

Duodecim offers its members benefits that include periodicals, discounts on Duodecim Publishing Company ltd’s products and the opportunity to rent holiday accommodation at reduced rates.


Duodecim medical journal

Members receive the Duodecim medical journal in the post (to addresses in Finland) and can also access the online version. If they wish, members may also receive the journal’s newsletter twice a month by email.

Hyvä terveys magazine

Duodecim members also receive the Hyvä terveys magazine, sent to member addresses in Finland. Members may also take out a half-price gift subscription to the magazine. The magazine is published by Sanoma Magazines and there are 14 issues per year.

Terveysportti health portal content for members

Some of the content in the Terveysportti health portal is available as a special service to Duodecim members. By logging in to the health portal with their Duodecim identifiers, members gain access to the following:

  • Online (PDF) version of Duodecim medical journal, dating back to 1885
  • Pharmaceutical product summaries and prices
  • Prescription forms
  • EBM Guidelines
  • The Cochrane Library
  • ICD-10
  • Member journals
  • Duodecim news service

Health portal content optimised for smartphones is available at The following content is free for Duodecim members:

  • ICD-10
  • Duodecim medical journal articles from 2001 onwards
  • Pharmaceuticals and prices
  • Duodecim news service
  • Healthcare addresses
  • Current Care Guidelines
  • Traveller’s guide to health
  • Medical procedure classifications

Member discounts on Duodecim Publishing Company ltd’s products

Duodecim members receive a 25% discount on printed versions of textbooks, handbooks and guides produced by Duodecim Medical Publications Ltd, on the online books in the Oppiportti learning portal, on the Terveysportti health portal databases and on the Oppiportti training packages. Member discounts do not apply to general reference books, books in the Hyvä hoito series, D-pokkari books and books at permanent offer prices.

Personal orders for books and online services can be made via the Duodecim online shop. By logging in to the online shop using the Duodecim identifiers (the “Terveysportti identifiers”), the product prices will incorporate the member discount.

In addition to the online shop, printed books may also be purchased from Duodecim’s trade fair stands, or from Suomalainen Kirjakauppa bookshops. You will need your Duodecim membership card (mobile Duodecim application) when making the purchases.

Duodecim members also receive a 10% discount at Suomalainen Kirjakauppa bookshops on purchases of general literature (fiction, books for children and young people, general reference books and dictionaries, but not textbooks). The discount is available on both Finnish and foreign books sold at the stores, in all the 60+ stores of Suomalainen Kirjakauppa scattered across Finland. The discount does not apply to purchases from the Suomalainen Kirjakauppa online store.

Viktorinranta holiday homes

Duodecim rents out holiday homes all year round at Viktorinranta. These can be rented for leisure-time enjoyment or for meetings. Viktorinranta is on the shores of Lake Kuolimojärvi in the municipality of Savitaipale, in southeast Finland.

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