Medical students

Medical students taking basic studies in medicine are accepted for student membership of Duodecim. Finnish medical students are offered the chance to become members of Duodecim in their fourth year of study.

For medical students at Finnish universities, Duodecim offers a wide variety of products and services to support their studies from the very start. In the autumn of their first year of study, students are sent the Duodecim Medical Journal to their home address.

A student discount of 40% is available on most of the Duodecim products designed for medical professionals. In addition, students are offered the service in full. This includes the Lääkärin käsikirja doctor’s handbook, a guide to acute care, pharmaceutical and price information, and the ICD-10. This service is accessed from a smartphone browser, at The Duodecim identifiers are need for logging in (for more information see

Students will also need their Duodecim identifiers to benefit from discounts in the online shop.

The student discount price applies to one copy of each title. The discount does not apply to books which are at a permanent offer price or to fixed price books.