Evidence Based Medicine Guidelines to be published in Spanish and Portuguese for Latin America

Duodecim’s Decision Support System (EBMEDS) deployed in Estonia – a step towards patient-oriented healthcare

COVID-19 pandemic

Duodecim’s decision support system (EBMEDS) to be deployed in Estonia

A decision support system can cater to many needs

10th Duodecim International Symposium 2018 13.–15.6.2018

EBMG published in Russian

Evidence Base Medicine Guidelines in Ukrainian will be offered on-line

Oy Apotti Ab and Duodecim Medical Publications have signed an agreement on clinical decision support system

Korsholm: First Abilita user with Swedish EBMeDS® version

New trends in the teaching of medicine – AMEE is here

New team to master German translations

DUODECIM at WoHIT in Barcelona 21-22.11.2016

It is all Greek to me

Computerized decision support systems. Do personalized guidelines help physicians in the decision-making process? Two important clinical trials carried out in Italy are going to find it out.

New EBMG publishing agreement in Russian with Mediaxel Oy

First ever: Evidence Based Dentistry (EBD) now available

Diagnosis-specific overview comes now with EBMeDS®