Evidence Based Medicine Guidelines to be published in Spanish and Portuguese for Latin America

One of the world’s leading collections of medical guidelines will be made available from August to healthcare professionals across Latin America. Agreement signed between Duodecim and Hasten LLC will allow access to thousands of guidelines and evidence summaries as well as a wide library of images in high resolution and, soon, in Portuguese and Spanish.

Duodecim Medical Publications Ltd, Helsinki, and Hasten LLC, Cheyenne, have entered into an agreement to introduce the English version of Evidence Based Medicine Guidelines (EBMG) to the doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals in Latin America, as well as develop Spanish and Portuguese versions of the service with the added contribution of local clinicians of the various countries in the region.

The service will be called “Guías de Medicina Basada en la Evidencia” in Spanish and “Guias de Medicina Baseada na Evidência” in Portuguese; and it will be distributed in digital format by the members of the Hasten Collaboration Network. This service includes a collection of almost 1,000 concise and succinct care guidelines based on the best medical evidence available, with a focus on primary care and covering a wide range of medical conditions. Additionally, it includes over 4,000 high-quality evidence summaries supporting the given recommendations and a library of 1,200 high-quality photographs and images of all common and many rare dermatological conditions, electrocardiograms, and eye pictures.

“EBMG is a great service that is widely used in Europe, and now we will allow the clinical teams in Latin America to have access to the best guidance available for their decision-making process during the diagnosis and treatment of their patients, available to them easily and promptly, directly at the point of care” states Mr. Eduardo de Melo, CEO of Hasten LLC.

“Duodecim is delighted to share the experience and content of medical ePublishing with the healthcare professionals of Latin America. We believe Hasten LLC is an excellent partner in the execution of this task” comments Dr. Pekka Mustonen, CEO of Duodecim Medical Publications Ltd.

Duodecim Publishing Company Ltd is the largest medical publisher in the Nordic countries. It is part of the Finnish Medical Society, owned by some 20,000 Finnish doctors. The society is dedicated to continuous medical education.

Hasten LLC is a company dedicated to bringing the best medical technology to developing countries across the world, with regulatory, development and commercial teams operating the US, Latin America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, and China.