Duodecim’s decision support system (EBMEDS) to be deployed in Estonia

The Estonian Health Insurance Fund will procure a Clinical Decision Support System for all Estonian family physicians during 2020. Duodecim Medical Publications Ltd. was selected as the supplier of the decision support solution.

The Estonian Health Insurance Fund and the World Bank assessed the quality of the treatment of long-term illnesses in Estonia. During the assessment, it was discovered that the quality of care varied because, due to their heavy workload, physicians did not have enough time to learn about new clinical practice guidelines or the patient’s earlier medical history: their diagnoses, performed examinations and medications. The Estonian Health Insurance Fund will now invest in improving the quality of family physicians’ work by procuring Duodecim’s decision support service.

According to physician Le Vallikivi, President of the Family Physicians Association of Estonia, a decision support system is an essential tool for family physicians in a world of digital information. “By using a decision support system, physicians can make sure that they choose the approach that is the most beneficial to the patient’s health,” says Vallikivi.

The Estonian Health Insurance Fund is planning to extend the decision support system to hospitals in the future.

The procurement of the clinical decision system in Estonia is being funded by the European Regional Development Fund and the Estonian Health Insurance Fund together with Tervise ja Heaolu Infosüsteemide Keskus (TEHIK), the information systems centre of the Estonian Ministry of Health and Social Affairs.

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