New team to master German translations

There is a clear trend to increase our resources on German translation and updates of Evidence Based Medicine Guidelines. This coincides with the decision to join forces with EBSCO Health and provide federated on-line search of German EBMG and DynaMed Plus.

Duodecim Medical Publications Ltd have appointed GELIAM (Gesellschaft für Evidenz- und Leitlinienimplementierung in der Allgemeinmedizin) to take the responsibility to translate EBMG and to localize the content into German speaking markets.  The team will be headed by Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Sönnichsen, University of Witten / Herdecke and Dr. Susanne Rabady. Both have extensive experience in guideline production and EBMG translation in Germany as well as in Austria and Switzerland.

“With increased resources we look forward to serving German, Austrian and Swiss medical communities with even richer content and more frequent updates”, states prof. Sönnischen. “It is interesting to note, that users are moving rapidly from textbooks into web based solutions and tablets and we need to meet that demand”, says Dr. Rabady.

“This partnership serves well our strategy to increase the presence of our medical content in several German speaking countries. It will also have a significant contribution to our clinical decision support system (EBMeDS®) in those countries”, comments Dr. Pekka Mustonen, CEO of Duodecim Medical Publications Ltd.

For more information:

Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Sönnichsen; GELIAM, andreas.soennichsen at

Mr. Timo Haikonen; Duodecim Medical Publications Ltd; timo.haikonen at