New EBMG publishing agreement in Russian with Mediaxel Oy

Duodecim Medical Publications Ltd and Mediaxel Oy have signed a publishing agreement for the Russian version of EBMG.

“There is nothing comparable available on-line in Russia today”, comments CEO of Mediaxel Oy, Dr Valeria Dansson. “We are quite excited about the opportunity to work with Duodecim and provide the best current medical knowledge to Russian doctors – in Russian language”, adds Mr. Andrey Panov, member of the Mediaxcel board.

“This represents a new and important addition to our international EBMG offering. We look forward to working with Mediaxel Oy and the Russian editorial team”, says Dr Pekka Mustonen, CEO of Duodecim Medical Publications Ltd.

For more information:

Valeria Dansson, valeria.dansson(a)

Timo Haikonen; timo.haikonen(a)


From left: Dr. Valeria Danisson, CEO of Mediaxel Oy; Mr. Timo Haikonen, director, Duodecim Medical Publications and Mr. Andrey Panov, member of the Mediaxel board.

Mediaxel Oy description

Publisher Mediaxel Oy is engaged in licensing, translation and adaptation of EBMG for the territory of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. The board of company includes  Finnish and Russian doctors as well as  Russian media managers.

Duodecim Medical Publications Ltd

The Finnish Medical Society Duodecim is a scientific association established in 1881 to develop the professional skills and clinical practice of doctors through continuing education, publications and grants. The Society’s membership comprises more than 22,000 doctors and medical students and almost 100 member associations.

Duodecim Medical Publications Ltd is a company owned by the Society. It publishes information content intended for healthcare professionals as study material and in support of everyday activities in their work. Members of the public interested in medicine and health can find reliable and easy-to-use information in the company’s published material on health and illnesses, not only in general reference books but also in online material and services integrated into healthcare systems.

The activities today are guided by Duodecim’s traditional role – going back more than 135 years – as a publisher of reliable and easy-to-use medical information. Our content is created through collaboration with the country’s best medical experts.