Diagnosis-specific overview comes now with EBMeDS®

With the new release (version 16.2) of EBMeDS® we bring Diagnosis-specific Overview to users. It brings patient’s key clinical data onto the screen. The data includes:

  • diagnosis
  • current medication
  • current laboratory results
  • relevant procedures
  • decision support reminders
  • guideline links
  • relevant (risk) calculators

The Overview is dynamic: when a new diagnosis from the list is activated the data will change and represent relevance to the selected diagnosis.

This service represents data-mining capability of EBMeDS®. Typically a user of an EHR system will spend time and effort, up to 57 mouse clicks1  to  search, trace down and analyze all relevant data for care decisions. This can now be achieved with a single click. The user will have richer data immediately at his disposal.

For more information:
Timo Haikonen, timo.haikonen(a)

  1. Richelle J. Koopman et al. Annals of Family Medicine 2011;9 (no 5)